End of Semester 1 round-up

Hello again! I lasted posted about my experience of my Librarianship MA in week 5 of semester 1. It’s now post-Christmas, the start of 2019 and a lot has happened since then!

Modules and assignments

In semester 1 I studied 4 modules, and submitted assignments for each of them. I’ve had one back, which I was really happy with, and am waiting on the results for 3 more. Despite getting a good grade on my first assignment, I’m not sure how I feel about the remaining ones – I’ve always been a worrier! But I’m looking forward to getting them back and learning how to improve on them.

I’m also currently working on one last semester 1 assignment. It’s a reflective piece, something I’ve not really written before, so I’m a little concerned I’m not quite going about it in the right way. But I’m also looking forward to finishing it and handing it in so I can forget about it for a while!

Next semester I’ll be continuing one module – Management for Library and Information Services. I’m a bit apprehensive about this one as it features a very large group project – and undergrad experience has taught me that these don’t always go to plan! But the rest of the module is very much designed at encouraging us to think about our future careers and professional development, so hopefully a lot of it will be beneficial long after I graduate.

I’ll also be starting three new modules – all of which I’ve chosen, so I’m very excited to get going with these! They are:

  • Public and youth libraries (perfect, given my interest in schools)
  • Academic and workplace libraries (a bit different but I want to see what else is out there, and some of the issues discussed will be relevant to FE, which may well end up being relevant to me in future)
  • Researching social media (very different to the other two, but it looks really interesting – I’m looking forward to seeing what comes up!)


I’ve recently submitted my initial dissertation proposal – dun dun duuun! All being well, I’m looking to conduct some research related to user privacy in school libraries, which I hope will be an interesting project. In February we should be appointed dissertation supervisors, who we’ll then work with to develop our proposal further in time for beginning the project in the summer. I’m really excited about this project, so I hope whoever I get will be supportive and on-board with my suggested topic!


Aside from my course, I’ve also now got a job in the university department! I’m a student ambassador for the Information School, so I’ll be helping at Open Days and creating some social media content to promote them. If you follow me on Twitter, be prepared to see me talking about the School and my experiences!

It’s a flexible role that fits around my studies, which is great. I’d also like some more LIS experience, so I’m keeping an eye out for part-time jobs and internship opportunities. Fingers crossed I’ll find something, but part-time work options do seem to have been fairly limited recently!


As well as the normal reading papers and writing essays you might expect, this semester has included some great experiences. We’ve been on visits to several different library services in different sectors, as well as a local museum. We’ve also had talks from some interesting guest lecturers on everything from copyright to diversity in libraries. I’m feeling pretty inspired by the LIS sector right now, and it’s really exciting to explore the different aspects of it!

Photo taken at the Weston Park Museum in Sheffield during a course visit – a lovely space with lots of interesting exhibits! I really enjoyed finding out about how they organise and present their collection.


That being said, I would like to get some more experience and explore my options a bit further. As well as some kind of work experience, I’m hoping to do a bit more extra-curricular stuff this year – so I’m keeping an eye out for any kind of job shadowing options, conferences, or other events and activites to emerse myself in…

Heartfelt Library Moments

I know I plugged this in my last post, but I and some of my MA friends are still working on this blog to promote a positive narrative about libraries. Find us on Twitter @HL_Moments and share your stories with us! We’re looking forward to promoting this blog a bit more this year.


So, that’s where I am with my MA right now. I’m looking forward to doing and learning lots more in 2019!

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