This week in the library: back to routine…

After last week’s crazy week, it’s been a bit of a struggle getting back into routine – for myself and for the students. Of course, the fact that it’s nearly the summer holidays hasn’t helped!The usual

As ever, we’ve been having library lessons, homework help afternoons and all the usual stuff that comes with working in a school library. We set all the students a target for how many books they should read in an academic year, so we’ve been pushing for them to reach their targets in the last couple of weeks! A lot of them are on track so hopefully we won’t have to nag as much in the final week.

We’ve also been desperately begging asking nicely for everyone to bring back any overdue books. Of course there are lots who don’t remember taking the book / have lost it / gave it to a friend / have already returned it (circle excuse as appropriate) – but it must have worked on some people, because we’ve had a lot of books back that haven’t been in the library for ages. The longest I’ve seen was something like 1700 days overdue!

As usual, I ran Craft Club this week. We made stress balls by filling balloons up with flour. I didn’t get any pictures as I was desperately trying to stop the kids walking flour through the library… Luckily we did think to do it outside, so although the students ended up covered in it, the books were okay.

We’ve been continuing to test students on their reading ability as well. We’re now trying to catch all the ones who haven’t had chance to sit the test in their library lessons, meaning I have to visit classrooms to collect individuals, something I don’t always enjoy  as I’m aware I’m disrupting someone’s lesson!

New posters

The Head of Literacy, someone we work with very closely, has come up with the idea of making posters for each subject to show their keywords they want students to know. Staff have been sending us the words they want included, then we’ve been making them up into posters.

It’s a great idea as it encourages literacy and subject-specific knowledge, and I’m looking forward to seeing the posters up around the school. It’s also been good fun reminding myself what different subjects are about, and knowing that the teachers are more aware of the library and our role in helping students’ learning.

Saying goodbye

This is something I’ll probably talk more about in my next post, but as I’m leaving in a week’s time (where did that year go?!) I’ve been letting some students know that I won’t be back in September. Of course a lot of students around the school won’t know me that well, but regular library users will interact with me several times a day, so I wanted to give them some warning – especially as some of them are quite sensitive or have additional needs.

Realising that these students don’t want me to go makes me feel like I’ve made a difference in my time here. In particular there are a few students I’ve worked really closely with and who have grown up a lot, so it will be a shame to not see them grow as people even further. But I’m really looking forward to the next part of my library adventure!


That’s it for this week – pop back in next week and I’ll let you know how my final week went! (I might cry a little bit, but hopefully not too much.)

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