Last week in the library: crazy week!

As you’ll know from my last post, the week of 2nd July was known as crazy week in our library! I didn’t actually do a lot of usual library work, as we were much more involved in the main school activities that inevitably take place near the end of the summer term…


Key Stage 3 students were on trips today, so we had a fairly peaceful day getting things done. I had a good clear up and sort of the books on the shelves in the main library. The Sixth Form were still in and revising for their end of year exams, so I also spent some time monitoring them in their library – but the ones who were in were working quite well, so it wasn’t the usual battle to make sure the space stayed quiet!


Today marked the start of the ‘cross-curricular project’. This runs across a day and a half and involves students working in houses to come up with a project on a theme. The overall theme this year was ‘community’, and the house I’m involved with had to work specifically on a project about the school’s community. We split everyone into groups, making sure each had students from all the involved year groups, and each group was then given a separate part of the project to work on.

I was working with a group on making a timeline of the school’s history. The school is a lot older than you’d expect, having been formed from the merge of two separate boys’ and girls’ schools, so this was a really interesting thing to work on. We even got to look at some items from the school’s archive, like the handcuffs they used to use to punish students for being bad! Some of the kids in our group weren’t fully engaged with the history elements of our project, but most perked up when it came to the design side – drawing, cutting and sticking!


The cross curricular project continued today. We spent the first few sessions of the day frantically finishing our timeline, and then after break everyone gets to see all the work that everyone else in the school has been doing. There were some really impressive displays and projects to look at.

Unfortunately our house finished joint last! This happened last year as well and it can be quite disheartening, especially when both students and staff have put so much effort in to the project. The head of house was not best pleased with the results… But hopefully the people in our groups all felt that they achieved something, and learnt a bit about the school as well.

Then the students got to go home at lunchtime, and the staff stayed to play – or, in my case, watch – the Staff House Tennis tournament. It was a roasting hot afternoon, so I admire the people who were able to get out there and do some exercise in the sunshine! Speaking of which…


Sports day! It was in many ways a typical school sports day, complete with house rivalries, face paint, cheering and kids suddenly disappearing just before the event they’re supposed to be taking part in.

It was a lot of fun – not just because of the burgers and ice creams available at lunch time – and a really lovely day. It was just a shame that once again, our house came in last (despite a valiant attempt by certain participants in the Staff Relay) so our students went away a bit disappointed. Ah well, there’s always next year.


A training day, so the students had the day off. Staff are expected to attend subject-specific training sessions with others from across the network of academies we’re a part of. This meant we had librarians visiting us from other schools – something I experienced on a previous training day all the way back in term 1. It’s a really good experience, as we share thoughts on what’s going well for us and what challenges we’re facing, so there are a lot of great ideas being shared.

We also planned how we’re going to run our academy-wide book award following its first year this year, which is pretty exciting. In many ways it’s a shame I won’t be around to see it – but I’m sure I’ll follow its progress and read the shortlisted books even when I move away.

Overall, it was a great week. I love the diversity and excitement that comes with the end of term, and getting to try new things is a lot of fun. Now there’s just 2 weeks of term left, although getting the students (and ourselves!) back into routine at this stage might be a bit of a challenge…


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