This week in the library: feeling summery!

Summer is definitely here – the year 11s and year 13s are gone, the younger years are taking exams, and the sun is out.

The usual

It’s mostly been business as usual this week, with us trying to get on top of the students’ overdue books and getting them to reach their targets on the Accelerated Reader programme. We’re also testing their reading ability with computer-based comprehension tests, which take place every year. I do tend to think that children in the UK are over-tested(!) but at least we don’t force them into this too often – I know a lot of schools run these tests every term. Hopefully the results will show us that our students are continuing to improve their reading – especially important for the year 9s who will start accessing GCSE curriculums next year.

In craft club we made monster out of gloves. This involved stuffing them with toy filling and decorating the outsides, and they looked great! I was especially impressed with some of the students’ sewing skills. Also, we had a few more turn up to take part this time, which was a relief after only having one last week!

I’ve made a few more posters for teachers to show everyone what books they’ve been reading. I love working in a school that values the work we do in the library and actively promotes reading for pleasure.

Summer festival

Yesterday the school hosted its summer festival – a chance for the art and technology department to show off the work everyone’s been doing, as well as featuring musical performances from people of all ages. There were even stalls with games, sweets and cake on offer! I can’t remember the last time I went to a school summer event, and with the lovely warm weather we had, there was a lovely atmosphere which made me feel very relaxed.

I especially enjoyed watching students performing. There were lots of people I knew taking part in choir, instrumental groups and even duet/solo pieces – some of whom I had no idea were musical at all! It felt great to get involved and be supportive of pupils in their hobbies. Side note: the choir’s performance of Bridge Over Troubled Water as a tribute to Grenfell definitely didn’t make me cry. At all. Definitely just hay fever. *sniff*


As the term creeps on, I’ve suddenly realised I only have 4 weeks left in my post here. Sadly, there’s also been an unhappy atmosphere amongst the staff here due to *ahem* some changes that are going to take place in the next little while. I won’t say too much, but it looks like the school will be a different place next year, which to me seems a real shame. It’s been a wonderful environment to work in. I’m now thinking about what I’ll want to say in my goodbye speech on the last day – public speaking isn’t always my thing but I want to have a chance to thank everyone I’ve worked with.

But for now, we’ve got some exciting things coming up in the next few weeks, so I look forward to posting updates about them soon!

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