This week in the library: another half term gone…

You may have noticed I’ve already posted once this week. After attending an SLA event for new professionals on Tuesday I decided to write about it, so you can find that here. The rest of my week has been fairly normal…

New colleague

Last week our new assistant started with us, so I’ve spent some time working with her and showing her how we do things. It’s been really affirming to go over everything – I’ve realised I know a lot more about my job than I realised. This is especially true of working with children and young people; sometimes when things go wrong and behaviour goes downhill I take it personally, but this week I’ve dealt with a few issues and realised I’m actually pretty good at handling it!

Craft club, newsletters and the rest…

The week has involved all the usual tasks, including writing up the newsletter and preparing for craft club. I wanted to use up some more of the paracord I bought for paracord bracelets a while ago, so I decided on making keychains in the shape of people and dragonflies. Unfortunately we only had one of our regular club attendees turn up – I think we’ve lost a few people to the very exciting Clay Modelling Club! I’ll have to have a look at our plans for next half term and see if we can get some more students excited about it.

I’ve also carried on making posters for staff members to show off some of their favourite books, and had to send several emails to the IT team about various issues we’ve been having! As ever, it’s been a week of fairly mixed tasks.

Where has the time gone?

This is the end of the summer 1 half term, meaning I only have one half term left in my job! I’m getting very excited about moving up north (don’t tell my boyfriend, he’ll be far too pleased about that) and starting my Librarianship MA, but I know it’ll be sad to leave the school I’m working in. I like working with the students and I’ll definitely miss them – but I know they’re in good hands with the rest of our library team and the school staff.

I’ve also been involved in some events with the school community this week; I went along to a staff Mastermind quiz to support yesterday, which was run as an extra competition to earn points for the school houses. It’s great that so many teachers and staff members get involved with the house system! I’ve also signed up to a World Cup sweepstake, and bought in food for the school food bank. I think the school has an amazing community around it and it’ll be strange to not be a part of that any more.


So, that was my week. I’m sure we’ll have lots to do when we’re back after the holiday, but for now I think I need to just rest and relax!

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